Drevservice is our workshop department under BOE AS. Our parts department is marinedeler.no. Our company is a special workshop for Volvo Drives and nothing else. We have done this since 1991 and that’s why we are probably  the most experienced drive workshop of this kind  in Norway. We are mainly working on 280 290 DPE  DPG DPH , which are the most common  drives in the market.

We have a very comprehensive parts stock for those drives. Our administration is very small which makes things more  efficient and prices more reasonable.  

We are independent of the Volvo organisation but most parts are factory Volvo to ensure quality. Sometimes aftermarket parts is better than genuine. Read why here 
We  have all the special tools to do all repairs, and we also make our own when necessary.  

Some drives come to our workshop with clear signs of lack of service or lack of special tools from previous repairs. 
Those drives need extra care to work properly again.

Here is some info how we clean drives  after breakdown and before bigger repair is carried out.

All drives which come to our shop goes through a common check list based on more than 20 years experience.  

If any extra work or extra cost is needed  on a drive (exceed  agreement) We will always email you a photo with explanation, before any extra work is carried out.
This is a point many customers appreciate.  

We are located at Fiskarstrand  25 km from Alesund . Freight is by agreement in each case.
We have favorable deal with Nor -Lines . Please email us at post@drevservice.no to make appointment and then you can deliver your drive at nearest Nor-Lines terminal . Map 

Drives sent to us should not have propellers or  thrust washers  at propeller shaft. Please remove before shipping.

Here is installation info for thrust washers  290/DPE/DPG   here 

If you have made appointment or planning to send us a drive please print out this form,fill in and attach with the drive when delivered . Click here